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A Shield in the Shadows by Cheryl Bristow

A Shield in the Shadows

by Cheryl Bristow

Pages: 406

Dimensions: 6.69 x 9.61

  • FICTION - Romance - Historical - General
  • FICTION - Historical - General
  • HISTORY - Ancient - Rome

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498428729

Price : $24.49

In 405 AD a band of Huns destroys a small Christian settlement in the forests of northern Europe. Sixteen-year-old Theona and her father Rhodus flee with other survivors, and weeks later join a massive flood of migrants determined to cross the Danube into the forbidden sanctuary of the Roman Empire.
Radagaisus, the leader in charge of the invasion, is a pagan chieftain described by ancient writers as “a worshipper of demons”. Radagaisus’s drive to conquer is fueled by his fury that the Roman Empire has recently adopted Christianity as the new state religion. For that offence he intends to raze Rome to the ground and crucify its senators. What will he do when he learns that among the thousands of people joining his invasion, he is harboring Christians, especially when Theona’s father indignantly interferes at a ritual human sacrifice, and his own son Roderic persists on pursuing Theona? And what will Theona do when she finds herself falling in love with the pagan prince?
Meanwhile, young Gallic aristocrat Marius Ausonius, ignorant of the looming danger, joins the Roman Army to train as a tribune. When they are sent to block the barbarian hordes descending on Italy, he and his cohort are thrust into the eye of the storm. He and Theona meet unexpectedly in the Alps, and he risks his life to help her. This pivotal encounter will have far-reaching consequences for both of them, when a year later the Roman Army finally comes to grip with the barbarian invaders.
“I found it very difficult to put this manuscript down – a rare occurrence. Wonderful story telling!”
Nick Harris, President and Publisher, Collins Publishers Canada 1974-1986
“I was extolling this exciting and beautiful novel to my fellow experts in Germany, all of whom read English fluently, saying that yours was among the top novels set in late antiquity written in the last quarter century.”
Dr. Thomas Burns, Author of Rome and the Barbarians, 100 BC - AD 400 and The Ostrogoths

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