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The Happy Healthy Dieter by Dr. Paulette Sedlak M.S., D.C., DCBCN

The Happy Healthy Dieter

The Proven 5 Step Anti-Diet Solution for Permanent Weight Loss Without Hunger

by Dr. Paulette Sedlak M.S., D.C., DCBCN

Pages: 288

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • HEALTH & FITNESS - Diet & Nutrition - Weight Loss
  • HEALTH & FITNESS - Diet & Nutrition - Diets
  • SELF-HELP - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498429627

Price : $16.99

Have your past attempts to lose weight failed? What’s sabotaging your waistline, and consequently your health? 
Do you want to:
♦ Stop worrying about your weight affecting your health?
♦ Have energy to do the things you want in life?
♦ Have a more positive attitude about life and self-confidence in social situations?
This book is right for you if you are:
♦ Attempting weight loss for the first time 
♦ A repeat dieter tired of yo-yo dieting
♦ Discouraged you’ve regained weight after dieting
♦ Embarrassed because of all your extra weight
♦ Tired of trying to find clothes that fit
♦ Struggling with low energy throughout the day
“You should take care of your body with a conscientious effort because it is a gift from God... I believe God put each one of us on this planet for a purpose. That purpose was not to destroy our bodies with high-calorie, low-nutrition, chemically laden food, unnecessary amounts of stress, and environmental toxins.” 
Change your negative perceptions about dieting -- see weight loss as an enjoyable adventure. This information is a compilation and a distillation of strategies and tips developed from over thirty years of clinical experience and nutritional research. Dr. Sedlak sheds light on misconceptions, pitfalls and roadblocks regarding weight loss and explains why our efforts actually make us fatter. Learn what’s occurring internally, and how to work with your body instead of against it. Learn how to harness the mechanisms that control your appetite, eat until you feel full, and still lose weight. 
Be healthier than you ever have been in your whole life.
This book + YOU = Thinner, Happy, Healthier You

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