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Intelligent Design Theory by Robert Laing

Intelligent Design Theory

Squeezing Common Sense out of Science, Creation, the Flood of Noah and Jesus Christ

by Robert Laing

Pages: 746

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Religion & Science
  • SCIENCE - Life Sciences - Evolution
  • EDUCATION - Research

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498429832

Price : $59.99


“Bob Laing has done things in the past that I would have thought to be impossible....  He is a good engineer.” John B., PhD Microbiologist
“Just stumbled across your Web page and found the content excellent. Being electronics engineer myself I have asked many of these questions for years, and found simple and sensible answers to many of my questions. I loved your atom structure model, how the various elements are all built based on the hydrogen atom, it just makes so much sense.” Val Juhasz, Pres., Aquapol Scotland
“Hi, I’m Dane H., making a documentary and I liked the tower of heaven and explanation on your page. Would you mind if I used that info and shared the pic, and credited you as a source? That would be awesome.”
“I find your intelligent design perspective more plausible than most science- minded people based on some of my own research.” Robert L. D., PhD
“Your converter was of interest to me as a possible advancement of technology to adapt to the Van de Graff generator by replacing its belt drive system.” Brett L.
“You have composed a very concise account (of Intelligent Design).” Daragh O’Flaherty
“Your writings are delightful reading. Thanks for your good thinking.”  Vern Gunderson
“I stumbled on your website and it answered all the questions I had soundly, with both scripture and science.”  Andrew P. Balke
“Hi just wanted to say what a great website this is. Thank you and God bless your work.”  Lisa Thomas
“I’d like to thank you again for creating the site. It’s been amazing. I find new things in there every time I reread it. A multi-disciplinary basis for every engineer’s education has been missing for a long time.”  David F.

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