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It's Not the End of the World! by Dee Dee Warren

It's Not the End of the World!

A Commentary on Matthew 24 and a Response to Pop Christian Eschatology

by Dee Dee Warren

Pages: 306

Dimensions: 7 x 10

  • RELIGION - Biblical Commentary - New Testament
  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies - Prophecy
  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies - Exegesis & Hermeneutics

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498433266

Price : $22.99

What if everything that most Christians believe about the “Great Tribulation” and the future that is awaiting the Church was wrong? Do you really know what the Bible teaches on this subject? Read as Dee Dee Warren carefully outlines an alternate perspective, and you just might find yourself in agreement.
“A preterist commentary on the Olivet Discourse like this one has been needed for a long time now. It’s high time someone blazed the trail!”–J.P. Holding, Founder of Tekton Education and Apologetics Ministries, and author of The Mormon Defenders, The Impossible Faith, Shattering the Christ Myth, Trusting the New Testament, and Blowing the Doors Off.
“Dee Dee Warren has written a handy book on Christian Eschatology that will surely add to the continued debate on the so called, ‘end times.’  With her usual no-stone-unturned style, I recommend this book as it invites the reader to wrestle with Warren’s conclusions. It also serves as a handy historical reference work with an abundance of material from early Christianity.”–Samuel M. Frost, Th. M. (Whitefield Theological Seminary), and author of Why I Left Full Preterism.

Dee Dee Warren is a veteran of online theology debates where she cut her teeth and honed the arguments found in this book. Having formerly believed and defended the dispensational futurist view of Bible prophecy believed by many modern Christians, she has come to the position that the majority of what evangelical churches teach on this subject is mistaken. She claims no degrees or specialized training, only a love for the Word and a zeal to find out what the Bible really means by what it says, which is a calling for all believers. 

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