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Captured by Love and Forgiveness by A. J. Black

Captured by Love and Forgiveness

The Jacob Blackmon Story

by A. J. Black

Pages: 242

Dimensions: 5.25 x 8

  • BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Personal Memoirs
  • DRAMA - American - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498440639

Price : $20.99

Imagine living in a prison longer than you lived out of prison. Imagine, again, you are innocent and do not belong in prison. Every single day, every hour, every minute spent in prison is an injustice. Even the smallest things we take for granted…silence, being left along with our thoughts, fluffing up a nice pillow, saying ‘hi’ to our neighbors…imagine having none of that and imagine, again, thinking you may never have any of it. Imagine entering prison as a small, 146 pound, 15 year-old boy…a prison filled with racial gangs who look for weaker, smaller people they can force to do their biddings. Imagine literally having to fight for your life, every day, surrounded by unimaginable cruelty, indifferent guards, and deprivation of the soul. Imagine how you would face this at age 15 or even at any age.
Inside you will see into the life of a child who was unjustly thrust into an adult’s world with no hope for the future. You will see the perseverance of this child as he allows God to capture his heart and bring him to a place of love and peace, even in this dark place called prison.
Enjoy reading how God broke young Jacob, molding him and making him into a spiritual warrior leader for Jesus Christ. See how God took control of Jacob and changed him into a spirit-filled man with a sole purpose of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.  You will see how, through his faith, Jacob did not succumb to the evil surrounding him, but lived to tell us about it in his remarkable book.
New laws addressing juvenile justice have recently come down. And, now Body of Christ, Jacob seeks your help to raise funds to help right this terrible injustice he has suffered by appealing his conviction. Appellate defenses are very expensive, much more so than original trial attorneys. Appellate attorneys must spend countless hours reading case notes; studying files…learning the case while looking for errors made which can be addressed through the court system. They must attempt to locate witnesses and, interview them, sometimes many years later. It is a long and expensive process. You have already helped him by buying his book. We ask you to spread the word about Jacob, go to his website listed below and donate, download more information about Jacob and see how you can help.  All money goes toward Jacob’s legal expenses. There are no “administrative” charges at all, apart from the PayPal and bank processing fees. If you want to learn more about Jacob’s situation, join us in our fight for his freedom and contribute by visiting

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