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Help! I'm Holy, But I'm Horny by Dr. Michael Scruggs

Help! I'm Holy, But I'm Horny

The perfect book for your best friend's cousin that has a lot of questions about sex, love and relationships

by Dr. Michael Scruggs

Pages: 154

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Relationships
  • HEALTH & FITNESS - Sexuality
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Love & Romance

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498442978

Price : $14.49


There is something about the word “horny” that makes people blush instantly, especially church people. But let’s face it, we live in a world where sex is more accessible than education—where internet porn, sexting, strip clubs and dating apps allow spouses to secretly cheat on one other. How are we supposed to survive until Christ’s return unscathed by all of these entanglements?
This book is for every highschooler that has to sit through sex-ed and hear about the physical ramifications of having unprotected sex, but is never made aware of the spiritual ramifications. 
This book is for every single that loves Jesus, but yearns for the company of the opposite sex and is finding it hard (literally and figuratively) to keep sane in a world that promotes sexuality at every turn. 
This book is for every married couple that experienced sex prior to their wedding day and occasionally have thoughts, make comparisons, and/or has fantasies about someone other than their spouse.
This book is for every divorcee whose body was used to being intimate with their ex on a regular basis and is now frustrated as to what to do now that that person is no longer in the picture.
This book is for every woman that doesn’t understand why sex is so high on the list of needs for men. This book is for every man that doesn’t understand why sex isn’t ranked higher on the list of needs for women.
Help! was written to give you just that—help. With biblical principles and personal examples, Dr. Scruggs outlines ways in which we can navigate through the ups and downs of sex, love and relation-slips.
Dr. Mike Scruggs (D. Min., United Theological Seminary) is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Light of the World Ministries (affectionately known as the “Light” House) in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a respected spiritual leader, social reformer, and lover of his city. He is honored to be married to his wife Kisha and father to their two children.

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