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The Spirit Within


Pages: 158

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - Spiritualism

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498443937

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DWIGHT N. RANDOLPH is a native of Hartford, Connecticut and relocated Orlando Florida in 1972. In February of 1999, Dwight accepted a position as an Administrative Assistant to Orange County Commissioner Homer Hartage the first Black Male in this position. As a believer in service to humanity Dwight played an important role in the assisting the Commissioner in assuring that his constituents received services and special projects in his County District. Working in County Government Dwight found himself working in the HIV field where he tried to help people become empowered for their health care.
 November 1, 2008 Dwight completed his first book entitled, Just Focus In an effort to encourage all of mankind to focus on the CREATOR to allow their Light to shine as they walk through their valley of the shadow of the worldly everyday stresses. Dwight feels GOD inspired him to write such a book. It took him ten years of writing down inspirational thoughts that he finally decided to put altogether and put in a book. 
Dwight has moved on and has written his second book titled Blurred Vision. In this book as in the first book you will find Dwight still attempting to show us how and where our true happiness, peace, joy and love come from. In this book Blurred Vision Dwight is writing from inspirational thoughts the universe has inspired in the Spirit Within.
In 1980 Dwight Graduated from the College of Business Administration at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida with a Bachelor of Science Degree. He worked towards his Masters degree in the same field at the Florida Institute of Technology. 
Dwight’s favorite pass time is conversing with others about the goodness of the Creator and how focusing on the Creator can add strength to the fiber of our lives. Dwight is a believer in some of the philosophy of Kabbalah which is the belief in the transfer of Spiritual Light to others though sharing and giving. He has tried to live his life to shine his light upon everyone he comes into contact with. In essence, he desire’s to receive for the purpose of sharing.
Dwight believes that He is in a constant state of transforming more towards the spiritual side of our lives and believes that we are not Human Beings living a spiritual life but that we are Spiritual Beings living a human life.

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