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Papa, Tell Us About the Bible by Bob Dowell

Papa, Tell Us About the Bible

A Grandfather/Granddaughters Dialogue

by Bob Dowell

Pages: 160

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Education - Children & Youth
  • RELIGION - Christian Education - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498453509

Price : $14.49


[This Book’s Engaging Little Drama Lends Itself to Multiple Uses]
Parents and Grandparents
Parents and grandparents, this book can serve as an interesting and helpful guide in teaching your teenage children and grandchildren about the Bible. Listen to Papa and his three teenage granddaughters engaged in a lively and instructive dialogue about the Bible.  
Teenagers, this book provides you a Bible guide in the form of an engaging dialogue. Hear the Bible communicated through a lively exchange between Papa and his three teenage granddaughters.
Families, this book can serve to host quality time together. A parent or grandparent assumes the role of Papa; younger members of the family assume the roles of the teenage characters. This done, the book becomes a playbook, the family becomes a cast of characters reading aloud their lines, and the action becomes an engaging and instructive Bible drama for the whole family to witness and discuss. 
Church Youth Directors
Church youth directors, this book can well serve teenage youth groups, especially when used as a playbook with group members assuming the roles of the book’s characters and reading aloud the characters’ lines, thereby producing an engaging and instructive Bible drama for group discussion.
Youth Camp Counselors
Youth camp counselors, this book provides an engaging activity for teenage groups when used as a playbook. Designated members of the group read aloud the characters’ lines, thus creating a lively and instructive Bible drama for reflective discussion.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
FCA leaders, this book provides a compelling means of enhancing teenage athletes’ understanding of the Bible. Whether they read it individually and silently or read it aloud with a group, they vicariously participate in the characters’ instructive dialogue in their journey through the Holy Book. 

Author Photo

Bob Dowell, PhD, is an innovative Christian writer dedicated to counteracting the rising tide of cultural indifference to traditional Biblical values. In the innovative Papa, Tell Us About the Bible, Dr. Bob utilizes dramatic framework to place readers in front-row center seats for purposes of witnessing the lively and engaging dialogue between Papa and his three teenage granddaughters as they journey through the Bible discovering and discussing its eternal truths—essential guides for living a purposeful life.

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