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Growing Beyond Your Roots by Pastor Tom Barnhill

Growing Beyond Your Roots

A Personal Testimony of Hope

by Pastor Tom Barnhill

Pages: 146

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - Counseling
  • RELIGION - Spirituality
  • BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498457767

Price : $15.49


He was born into a difficult situation, the second child to parents who struggled with addiction and violence in their unhappy marriage. Abuse soon became paramount in their relationship, as well as toward their four children through physical, mental and sexual abuse from his father.
However, for Pastor Tom Barnhill, it was these factors of his life that led him to realize they contributed to his testimony of God’s grace, love and belief in his future.
In his new autobiography, Growing Beyond Your Roots, Tom recounts the daily struggles he and his sisters endured regularly from their alcoholic father and exasperated mother. When Tom turned eighteen, he jumped headfirst into the army to flee the turmoil at home.
This happened right before the war in Vietnam was declared, causing Tom and his comrades to travel overseas to face a fierce enemy. After killing a man from the Vietcong, Tom was injured and obtained an honorable discharge from the military.
Situations at home hadn’t improved, especially with his father, and after a brief stint in prison, Tom left again to start afresh in Florida, where he met his late wife Jean and started to establish his own roots.
The past eventually caught up to him and Tom soon found himself following his father’s steps with alcohol addiction and temper-laced tirades toward Jean. When Jean went into the hospital after nearly overdosing on pills, Tom recognized that things needed to change and God needed to be at the forefront of those changes.
This monumental decision guided Tom into the arms of Christ and into his current position as a pastor.
His roots may have caused struggles in his life, but Growing Beyond Your Roots reveals that a person can move past their rooted issues to embrace a greater purpose through God.

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