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The Spirit of the Ministry by G. Thomas Dowie

The Spirit of the Ministry

Harnessing Principles of Ministry, Leadership, and Succession

by G. Thomas Dowie

Pages: 404

Dimensions: 5.83 x 8.27

  • RELIGION - Christian Ministry - General
  • RELIGION - Christian Church - Leadership

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498459051

Price : $21.49


This is an unusually fascinating book. It synthesizes three vital areas of the kingdom – ministry, leadership, and succession into a single craftwork of scholarly quality and excellent narrative skills. In this book, G. Thomas Dowie skillfully explains that ministry is a synergy of a divine call, personal factors, and circumstantial realities. The concept of ministry is expanded beyond the confines of individualized mindset, and its composite nature clarified.
Pastor Dowie weaves leadership into the patchwork by tying in two strands of thought. Firstly, he pinpoints the critical challenge of fortifying the leader’s capacity for effective governance. Secondly, leadership is taught as the process of harvesting the potentials of followers and harmonizing their varying interests with the purpose of the organization.
In the end, success will be ultimately measured by whether or not the institution outlasts itself through subsequent generations. That is the essence of succession. Ministry is the framework; leadership is the catalyst.  
G. Thomas Dowie’s book, The Spirit of the Ministry is thought-provoking, insightful and gripping. Well, this book is intelligently written and it is practical and readable. In the various ministry arenas today, there is a great need for Biblical leadership like never before and this is why pastor Dowie’s book is so relevant and vital.

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