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Disciples OBEY by Edward N. Gross

Disciples OBEY

How Christians unknowingly rebel against Jesus

by Edward N. Gross

Pages: 294

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth
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  • RELIGION - Christian Ministry - Discipleship

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498461290

Price : $16.99

Ed Gross makes quite a claim, “Disciples Obey,” and becomes rude in a Jesus-kind-of-way in his subtitle, “How Christians unknowingly rebel against Jesus.” It is fair to say that the American gospel teaches that one can become a Christian, go to heaven and not follow Jesus. We have disconnected obedience from faith, producing a default gospel that is eating the life out of our churches. (Bill Hull – Author of “The Disciple Making Church” & “The Complete Book of Discipleship,” etc.)
As an Army Infantry Officer, father of five, workplace manager, sports teams’ leader & umpire, I always expected those under my supervision to obey me. Ed reminds us, in this timely book, that Jesus is no different. He said, “Those who have my commandments and keep them are those who love me.” May you hear from Jesus in this book, and simply OBEY Him so that you can experience, with all His disciples, the powerful presence of the risen Christ in your lives. (Gene McGee – Coordinator of Men’s Ministries–CityNetMinistries–Philadelphia, PA)
“Like wilderness wandering Israel, tested by God, many congregations in America are led by pastors and comprised of people, quick to complain, easy to compromise, confused by our culture’s decay, and  cynical about survival into the next generation. The hopelessness and the grief of the Holy Spirit are palpable.  And yet the remedy, the transformation, the new dawn is a heartbeat away, and contained in this modest, startling book. In the tradition of the reformers both Catholic and Protestant, Ed Gross presents the clear call of Jesus, “Follow me.” His prose is frank, knowledgeable, tested and wise.  Most of all, Disciples Obey, is prophetic and therefore saturated with urgency and love. Read this book. And get on with the life, the joy, God wants for you! (Rev. Brewster Hastings, St. Anne’s Church, Abington, PA)

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Edward N. Gross (DMis-Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is Director of the Discipleship Team of CityNet Ministries. Having worked in missions, church planting, pastoral ministry and theological education in the USA and Africa, Ed now leads Renewals of Biblical Discipleship (RBDs) throughout the world. Read his recent book, Are you a Christian or a Disciple? and contact him at 

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