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God is Hermeneutics by Edward C. Kapambwe

God is Hermeneutics

The Six Divine Principles of Interpretation Unveiled

by Edward C. Kapambwe

Pages: 398

Dimensions: 7 x 10

  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies - Exegesis & Hermeneutics
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The hermenueticality of God is critical and necessary engagement in the interpretation of the Holy writ more so in the postmodern world of the 21st century.
The divine author of the Bible should be preeminent in biblical interpretation than any human authors of the books of the Bible according to the research of professor Kapambwe. Since God is the first mover of all the authors of the books of the Bible, he is to be investigated and analyzed in micro and macro dissemination of his word in order to fully understand and interpret his message clearly and soundly. There are arguably so far six divine principles imbedded in the Holy Scriptures that need to be evaluated when interpreting the Bible and these are: God’s attributes, God’s names, the role of the Holy Spirit, prayers, faith and creation in addition to our traditional principles of interpretations.
For literally thousands of years, many have written text books on hermeneutics or what is popularly known as principles of biblical interpretations mostly from naturalistic approach with very little reference or acknowledgment that God is the divine author until the penning of the book “God is hermeneutics” in which the author argues according to his research that the Bible is from two different realms (heaven and the earth) and is essentially composed of two authors, the divine person and the human authors. Most authors on hermeneutics have concentrated on human authors at the expense of the divine author. However, the author of this book argues that the divine author ought to hold a primary and preeminent position followed by the consideration of the human authors who are in actuality delegated authors by the divine author. When that is done, our understanding and interpretation of the divine book takes us deeper into the very heart of God himself and some of the interpretations we have penned down in cosmic history may have to be either affirmed or tossed out. If the Bible is a spiritual book, then we should begin with a spiritual person, God himself. That is what great men of faith like, Joseph, Daniel and others affirmed a long time ago.

About the Author
Edward Chanda Kapambwe is currently an online professor at Moody Bible Institute. He has taught at this institution under Moody Distance Learning for over 16 years. He is a US citizen but was born in Zambia. He obtained all his five degrees from the United States of America.

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