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UNDISTURBED by Tikita C. Peagler


by Tikita C. Peagler

Pages: 86

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - Inspirational
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Inspirational

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498469319

Price : $12.49

      Life can cause any woman to tremble in fear of
what’s ahead, of what uncertain path she will
traverse that could lead to either blessings or hardships.
       However, author Tikita Peagler desires for
women everywhere to realize they are the daughters
of Christ, shaped by God to stand firm in faith and
unshaken by the trials of life.
      In her new book, And She Shall Remain…
Undisturbed, Tikita offers principles of wisdom to
influence women to adopt attitudes of meekness and obedience to God,
in order to be ready for the twists and turns of this crazy world.
      Tikita centers her principles primarily on the story of Sarah,
Abraham’s bride who had to travel to an unknown land with her husband,
reside within the Pharaoh’s harem for a time and experience pregnancy at
an old age.
      Each situation that Sarah endured, revealed in the book of Genesis,
displays qualities of her growing character to be obedient to her husband,
thus pleasing God, and meek in spirit. Although she questioned what the
purpose of their journey was, and even laughed when God said she would
be a mother at ninety, Sarah learned to be steadfast and undisturbed in
her circumstances, as she trusted God’s intentions.
      Women of today can experience that same solidity in faith, despite
what is occurring around them, as they read Tikita’s principles and make
the choice to depend on God and trust His guidance. Instead of taking
selfish, frightful approaches to their situations, Tikita wants women to
keep their hearts strong and unafraid in trials and uncertainty.
      And She Shall Remain…Undisturbed believes in each woman’s
heart beats the spirit of a warrior for God, known for her resilience and
unmoved nature that is founded on the principles and love of Christ.

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