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THE KINGDOM SERIES: Truth Revealed By God by John David Harwood

THE KINGDOM SERIES: Truth Revealed By God

by John David Harwood

Pages: 172

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies - General
  • BIBLES - Christian Standard Bible - Devotional

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498471909

Price : $14.49

Author Biography:
My name is John David Harwood and I am a Christian author from Tyler, Texas. I have written several books including: God’s Secret: Disclosing God’s Hidden Truths of the Bible, The Holy Grail: The Blood of the Words of the Lamb of God, The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters, and Ad Patrem Et Filium: From Father to Son- Noli Flere Resurget. I have worked and studied in various fields over the course of my life, but writing has been my calling. I attended Texas Christian University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Studies. I seek to share my truth with other people in order to have a positive impact upon their lives. I believe that God’s Word is the absolute truth and that it is our job to incorporate His teaching into our own lives. There is no greater reward than sharing your personal truth and transforming lives. Saving lives through words and experiences is a brilliant ministry that I have chosen to take part in. I give my all each and every day to come up with new ideas on how I might reach out to those in need. I pray that God will bless me with the words that give people hope, meaning, and direction. 

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