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Am I a Sinner, Too? by Lester E. Jones, Ph.D.

Am I a Sinner, Too?

by Lester E. Jones, Ph.D.

Pages: 138

Dimensions: 6 x 9

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Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498473163

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We are all sinners. Or, are we? Whom do we believe, Satan or Jesus? 
The Scriptures tell us that Satan is the father of lies and deceptions, whereas, Jesus is the truth. Why do we find it easier to accept Satan’s lies than Jesus’ truth? 
The standards Jesus holds us to are high; nevertheless, He has equipped us with the Holy Spirit who empowers us with the ability to attain them. Thusly, it is not our achievement, but rather Jesus who presents us faultless before our Father’s throne.
This book will equip you to confidently answer these essential questions…

Is it possible that Christians do not live differently because of what we believe about ourselves? 

Or, are we truly sinners and that is the reason we do not live any differently than that of the world? 
“This is a great book that will serve the community of faith well. This book takes a deep dive into the subject of the Christian identity as it relates to sin. It’s an outstanding resource for Bible and group studies in addressing the questions surrounding sin. Peeping into biblical history (Old and New Testament), it lends assistance to understanding today’s human condition and the precepts of sin.” 
-Rev. Dr. Jewel A. Simmons, LCPC, Pastor Providence Baptist Church, Olean, VA. 
“Dr. Jones makes me think. I have been referring to myself as a sinner in preaching, singing hymns, teaching, and witnessing since I was saved over 50 years ago. Is that really who God sees me to be? What I learned in this book you must learn for yourself! This book is a must read for all Bible-believing Christians.”
-Dr. Larry Keefauver, Bestselling Author and International Teacher

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Lester E. Jones, an ordained Baptist deacon, accepted Christ at the age of eleven and has spent his adult life teaching Adult Sunday School, Bible Studies, Old Testament Survey Classes, and serving as a Christian Counselor.

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