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WHAT DOES JESUS HATE? by Robert S Herndon


(The Deeds of the Nicolaitans- Rev.2)

by Robert S Herndon

Pages: 204

Dimensions: 5.06 x 7.81

  • RELIGION - Christian Theology - General
  • PHILOSOPHY - Religious

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498478359

Price : $15.49


What Does Jesus Hate? -The Deeds of the Nicolaitans takes one of the words in the Bible often skimmed over and reveals the true meaning of it in a manner that could revolutionize the way Christians impact the world. In Revelation 2:6 and 15, Jesus twice referred to the word Nicolaitans by saying that He hated both their doctrines and deeds. It is the only time in the Bible where Jesus said that He hated something. It was important enough for Jesus to warn the Church about it after He was already seated at the right hand of God the Father! What Does Jesus Hate? -The Deeds of the Nicolaitans, reveals the answer to that question and shows how it has indeed infiltrated and affected the Church over the ages even until now. Rather than leaving you hanging, it shows ways that the Church can change and how much more effective it can be when everyone discovers how much God really wants to use us. This book is a must-read if you want to see if your way of thinking has been influenced by the Nicolaitans and how to change it. 
---“It is always a good idea to love what Jesus loves and hate what Jesus hates. Bob Herndon has made it crystal clear that Jesus hates the deeds and doctrines of the Nicolaitans. He defines and describes the Nicolaitans and gives us teaching by precept and examples from the Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, and the current situation in the church. He makes a strong case for the priesthood of the believer, and the believer’s direct access through Christ to the Father. This book is well researched and written and I believe you will find it very informative.” - Dr. J.T. Parish (author and former pastor and founder of Christian Fellowship Church in Briensburg, KY)

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