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Practical Matters by Rachel M. Jones

Practical Matters

by Rachel M. Jones

Pages: 204

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies - General
  • BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - Inspiration & Personal Growth

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498485050

Price : $20.49


Some people may believe that the Bible, a book that was written centuries ago, couldn’t apply to any of the situations people experience today in life. The scriptures may be seen as outdated, unrealistic and sometimes confusing, as to what is being said.
However, these previous beliefs are proven wrong through author Rachel Jones’ new book, Practical Matters, which consists of a collection of stories with practical ways to handle life’s situations through the Bible’s guidance.
Rachel sees the merit of the scriptures each time she reads the Bible and crafted her thirty life lessons to reflect biblical solutions to deal with common circumstances involving gossip, forgiveness and faith.
Appropriate for Bible study groups or for individual study, the lessons begin first with a scripture verse that characterizes the main intent of the lesson; followed by real-life examples of situations where this lesson would be helpful to educate and enlighten readers on behavior pleasing to God.
The topic situations are various in Practical Matters: “Abused Generosity” explores the notion of what to do when a person feels his/her generosity is being taken advantage of, especially from another Christian. “What is Acceptable Worship” delves into what one may consider the correct form of worship to God, and why scriptures may say otherwise.
The end result Rachel is trying to reach through Practical Matters is to encourage readers to see that God’s Word can be viewed as practical solutions for several circumstances in life. She even makes it a point to create brief but informative life lesson stories so readers will be able to easily identify the lesson in each story, as well as scripture verses to remember and reflective questions to ponder.
The Bible may be ancient by some standards, but with Practical Matters, those reading it will see its insight and advice is as relevant to today as anything else.

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