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The Seven Ways That Man Died by Dr. Prince Maurice Parker

The Seven Ways That Man Died

Mankind's fall and its direct adverse effects on all human relationships.

by Dr. Prince Maurice Parker

Pages: 238

Dimensions: 7 x 10

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Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498488068

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Man’s fall and its direct adverse effects on all of his relationships.
A contemplative exposition of Genesis 2:17 and the implications of that
curse as a result of The Fall, spiritual arguments, legal and illegal spiritual
oppressions and the literal existence of curses
Ironically, one of the greatest enigmas of life - is death. Whenever we speak of death and God, two things usually come to mind: “why did this occur and how could this happen?” I am not going to pretend to be exhaustive with this discourse, but I do want to deal, in a detailed manner, with these two imperative questions.
In this exposition, I wish to present you the seven ways in which The Fall brought death to man. To do so, I have to speak in depth, about death in every way that it presents itself. I want to demonstrate that the curse of death is far more than what we perceive as physical death. We will see that physical death is the easy part of the equation of sin = death. It goes far beyond that. I do not wish to discuss death so that we might focus on its morbidity, but rather that we might comprehend the power that it has held and yet holds over countless lives. I want you to know what death, in reality, is. I also want us to recognize why it breaks our Lord’s heart to see so many Believers that still live captive under the power of death in its multiplicity of forms. He came to free us from its malefic rule.
After having been a professional musician in both the secular and Christian fields, Dr. Parker and his wife, Guillermina (Gina), have been blissfully married for more than 40 years and have been in ministry as pastors and conference speakers for more than 44. They have four adult children and twelve grandchildren. Dr. Parker is also a Professor of Exegesis (II) and Old Testament History in the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in La Carlota (Córdoba) Spain. Prince and Gina try to live quiet lives but continue to accept invitations to participate in conferences on just about every continent of the globe when their busy schedule permits.

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