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The Personhood of the Holy Spirit by Dr. Aleck A. Brown

The Personhood of the Holy Spirit

A Simplified Approach to Understanding the Holy Spirit

by Dr. Aleck A. Brown

Pages: 130

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Theology - Pneumatology
  • RELIGION - Christian Education - General
  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498494762

Price : $13.49


This writing on the Personhood of the Holy Spirit: A Simplified Approach to Understanding the Holy Spirit, by Dr. Aleck A. Brown is without question a scholarly work. You will find in it a vast array of theological content and information on the Holy Spirit, His attributes, symbols, work, and His role in the church. Writing on the topic of the Third Person of the Trinity is quite a difficult task. The Biblical content about Him is numerous and scattered throughout the pages of the Old and the New Testaments.
It takes a skilled writer to organize the enormity of the data about the Holy Spirit, and then place it in a clear and concise, systematic format for readers to digest. Making information that is typically studied on a graduate level, digestible for the normal lay reader can be an arduous task. However, Dr. Brown has masterfully developed a simplified approach to a rather complex subject. He’s invited readers to glean from its pages increased knowledge into the Holy Spirit and the role He plays in their lives.
This book delivers a clear, precise treatment of the Holy Spirit, and places His ministry in the correct order in the lives of believers. It begins with needful background information on the Spirit, and then delves down into the specific details of how He works and the unique role that He plays in a believer’s salvation and life experience. All reference works in this writing are well-cited, and it is evident that Dr. Brown has spent critical and extended hours in research, study, and preparation before presenting this material.

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