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15 to Life: by Samuel Devon Jackson Jr.

15 to Life:

From Misfit to Minister

by Samuel Devon Jackson Jr.

Pages: 126

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Personal Memoirs
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Life Stages - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498496568

Price : $13.49



My name is Samuel D Jackson Jr., and 15 to Life: From Misfit to Minister, is my testimony of how God took the worst things in my life, and used them for His glory. It’s the testimony of a child who was in an abusive home where a father would get so high on drugs that he would try and kill his whole family. How a father chose a dime bag of weed over his 3 boys and how a single mother had to raise them. It’s the story of how I went from a young boy to a young man filled with anger, hatred, and bitterness for just about everything in his path. And how I would take out those feelings on anyone at any time.
It’s also the testimony of how I turned my back on God for unknown reasons, and lived solely for myself for most of my early years. How leading this life caused me so much heart ache and pain that I thought it would be better if I just died. It’s a testimony of abuse on all types of levels from sexual, to spiritual. It’s about how I made one bad choice after another. And how it leads me down a deep dark path, that led me to prison and Islam. 
However, a testimony isn’t a testimony unless it ends up glorifying God. Anyway, throughout all the bad choices God delivered me from them all. He opened my eyes to a world that I never saw before, because I was only looking at myself. I was once an offender of the state, now I am a defender of my faith. I went from a misfit for the devil, to a minister for the Lord. And how it took 15 years of my life to finally realize that my life was only in Christ. 

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