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Our Story by Mark D. Downes

Our Story

by Mark D. Downes

Pages: 186

Dimensions: 6.14 x 9.21

  • HEALTH & FITNESS - Diseases - Immune & Autoimmune
  • HEALTH & FITNESS - Alternative Therapies

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498498173

Price : $19.49

Type : Dust Jacket

ISBN : 9781498499705

Price : $34.99

Life has many surprises, everything can seem to be going just as you plan, then, without warning, life throws curve balls you could have never expected.
These unusual circumstances catch us completely off guard, leaving us no choice but to fend for ourselves and the ones we love in whatever way we can.
Refuse to Blindly Accept a Terminal Diagnosis
My wife, Mary, came down with a fatal disease and I went on a journey to find out not only what it is, but also what’s the cure and how do I do it? The thoughts that came to me: 
Discovering what it is.
Who knows anything about the crippling disease?
How many people have had it?
Who has survived it?
After going to some of the finest doctors and hospitals, we learned that there is no cause or cure. They said to my wife “go home and die because no one has ever survived this fatal disease.” 
That WAS NOT an option for us.
Discover What We Found on Our Journey
"Our Story" will intrigue you, captivate you, and keep you in suspense, while leaving it to your imagination what you might have done if you would have been in the same challenging situation.

My name is Mark D. Downes, I’m the middle child of eight children. I grew up in the town of Atwater, MN. My mother raised my siblings and me by herself in a small house.
I met the love of my life, Mary, at Atwater Beach Resort. We were married on June 15th, 1973. We lived in Atwater with our two children, Mark (Spike) and Maureen. 
After my wife died in 2012, I dedicated myself to helping others get well and stay healthy. Follow me as I lead you chapter by chapter through an unthinkable journey.
Today I believe with all my heart that this is what happened to Mary and me. Devoting myself to getting the word out about our story is the greatest gift I could give her as a husband, totally caring to keep his promise with his savior, and the promise he made to his wife, Mary, in our marriage vows. Till death do us part!
This is the journey of "Our Story."

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