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Saved But Not Free by Dr. Connie Borden

Saved But Not Free

Discovering God's Path to Soul Freedom

by Dr. Connie Borden

Pages: 248

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - Healing - Prayer & Spiritual
  • PSYCHOLOGY - Psychotherapy - Counseling
  • RELIGION - Christian Ministry - Counseling & Recovery

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498499316

Price : $15.99


Type : Dust Jacket

ISBN : 9781545601686

Price : $29.99


I’m saved, so what’s wrong with
Have you ever asked yourself that
question? At the moment of salvation, your spirit is made righteous before God.
If you were to die, you’d go to heaven. But what about your soul? The soul is
that part of you that you’re left to deal with in your life after salvation.
It’s your mind, will and emotions—the part that thinks,
imagines, remembers, feels and hurts.  It is often
forgotten, usually unaddressed, and it can remain vulnerable and in bondage to
satan and his strategies making life and relationships miserable. That is,
until you allow Jesus to address your hurts and wounds. 
Dr. Connie Borden
endured the agony of a crushing childhood, producing a damaged
soul. God raised that soul from the ashes of destruction, to
become a soul “set free”.  She shares the path she took and developed to
soul freedom on a daily basis with the clients in her Christian
psychology practice, and now to the readers of this book.
Before becoming a
psychologist, Dr. Connie taught hundreds of children for eighteen
years in both public and private educational systems, in addition to
homeschooling her own (now adult) son. After achieving an earned
doctorate and licensure as a Psychologist (TX), she and her husband
Bill established Borden Psychological Services, P.A. (, and Totally Transformed Ministries (, to deliver the message of Saved But
Not Free to their generation. Dr. Connie also minored in Theology
earning enough credits to become an ordained minister with
Evangelical  Christian Alliance who commissioned her and sent her out
to minister. 
“Dr. Connie’s new book is indeed
one about healing, deliverance and freedom of the soul area of our being…It is
a must-read book about how satan through early rejection and abuse, can twist
and confuse us with his evil lies and deception putting us in bondage. However,
God can turn his wickedness into victory for thousands!”
- Jon Eargle, Teacher,
Author and Founder of 
Bridge Building Ministries

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