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Petrified Hearts: The Beckoning by Jaclyn Zant

Petrified Hearts: The Beckoning

Book 3

by Jaclyn Zant

Pages: 544

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FICTION - Christian - General
  • FICTION - Jewish

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545602522

Price : $26.99


“No, me do it!” insists the toddler when we try to help. Early on we insist on our independence and, like the toddler, we have our own ideas about what will make us happy. But God has a way of shining His light on our misconceptions and revealing our need for Him. 
Andrea had an argument with Joel, and then Joel argued with Sid. Just when you feel like a situation is beyond salvaging, God steps in. But does he step in in a way you expect? 
Ever since she flew the Rabbi to Tennessee, it seemed to Rae that everyone around her was determined to press her to forgave the unforgivable, dredging up memories she’d tried so hard to run from all these months, along with the angst that came with them. But now—finally—it seems like they’re leaving it alone—until Heath brings it up—again! —and then Orby! 
Why are they so insistent that she deal with this right now? Yes, God doesn’t want us to spend even one moment longer away from him than we need—but when He presses in with such urgency, could it be there is more to it than just our reconciliation with Him? Could it also be there is something up around that bend that, in His mercy, He doesn’t want us to go through alone—even despite our rebellion? 

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