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Journeying from Darkness into Light by David Ellenwood

Journeying from Darkness into Light

Discovering Life with God in Marriage and Family

by David Ellenwood

Pages: 134

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Love & Marriage
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Family
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Inspirational

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545602546

Price : $13.49


Discover to whom and where you belong…
My life is something of a parable, or a journey, if you will, from being a no one to becoming a someone…from not belonging to belonging. In many ways, it may be like your life experience. Each of us has to discover our identity—who we are and whose we are. We have this deep human need to belong, to have a family name, and to discover what belonging is and isn’t. 
What helped me understand myself and my needs was the process of belonging. Walking out that process has been a lifelong pursuit of “finding David” and discovering God. Life is filled with passages, internal and external growth cycles, and various crises. With varying intensity, all of us face identity crises from birth until death. When one crisis gets somewhat resolved, another one seems to emerge. As famous twentieth century psychologist, Erik Erikson, wrote about the stages of our ego or identity development identifying eight stages of growth, the first one he described was trust vs. mistrust. My early life really tells the tale of how I experienced both trust and mistrust as they relate to other people in my adoptive family and to understanding my own self-image. 
Do you want to…
• Find out where and to whom you belong?
• Discover your identity?
• Unpack your understanding of family?
• Know who your real family is?
• Identify who you can really trust in life?
• Learn who and whose you are?
• Make decisions and solve problems based on truth not fallible, human opinions?
If any of these questions float around in your mind or heart, then this book is for you! My story is about these essential life questions and stages of growth in relating to oneself, others, and ultimately to God. Join me in this journey; as you will see, this book isn’t about me…it’s really about you. –David Ellenwood
“My husband believes in a big God...As I read the words to his personal life journey, I was wrenched with sadness. Being sent to a dirty orphanage at a young age of two was traumatic enough, but the story didn’t end there. He has lived through sadness and unfortunate experiences that never seemed to end. His heart was bruised over and over with no explanation with no one to go to, not many seemed to care. However, he always smiled and remained hopeful. His hope was in God alone. Hopefully, his testimony will be a blessing to you. Even when we think we’re alone, we never are. God is always there.” Your loving wife, Evelyn 

David Ellenwood and his wife, Evelyn, live in the Pittsburg area. He and his wife co-founded Sunny Days In-Home Care for seniors. He is still involved in the business in expanding and growing their business.

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