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Spiritual Food for the Hungry. Scriptural answers to questions you may have asked.

by Annie Mears

Pages: 98

Dimensions: 7.44 x 9.69

  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545602683

Price : $13.99

The book you hold in your hands was written by the ministering help of the Holy Spirit, so that Jesus Christ-the light of the world might be glorified through manifest understanding of his Word.
The foundational truths of Christianity are bound between the covers of the eternal Holy Bible, and within its pages is a roadmap that leads us from darkness of sin into the light of his glorious love.  Here we find obedience to God’s precepts is the key factor to our salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ our Living Lord.
God’s sacred breath is breathed into all mankind giving life to the earthly body, and when life ends at death he calls it back to himself for man cannot live forever in a sin cursed body.  The decisions we make in the life we live in our span of time on earth, determines what happens to us when God calls his breath/spirit back to himself.  How do we view God’s plan of redemption for mankind, or understand his decrees, why blood was needed to cover our sins, or how his unending love for mankind gives us a chance for redemption through the new spiritual birth?
Do you feel empty and unfulfilled even though you’ve had many accomplishments in life?  Are you searching for the answer to your final destination?  The answer is found within the pages of this book giving understanding with easy to read scriptural passages.  Follow along with the Holy Bible-read the greatest love story ever told, and see for yourself what eternal God is saying to Mankind.       
First and last Adam
Why mankind is a sinner
And must be born again
Why blood-water-Spirit
What is the Kingdom of God

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