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The Legacy of a Family of Planter-Preachers Who Helped Plant the Church in Jamaica and the World.


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That book also, briefly, chronicled the story of an extended family of former plantation owners who also left Jamaica as missionaries, and planted the seed of the gospel, and raised up churches, schools, radio stations, Bible and other training institutions in Brazil, China, the Congo, Ecuador and Peru. This book, much researched and greatly expanded, continues and more fully tells that story. Its primary focus is on the fourth generation of this family, when five cousins served simultaneously in four countries planting the gospel-seed deeply in the soil of those countries. 
     Their legacy continues as these are some of the countries where today the Gospel is growing fastest, and the churches they planted have now taken on a truly national and indigenous character. They have played their part within their generations, and have now passed on to their well-won and just rewards. They serve as an inspiration to us  who seek to follow in their train.

Lloyd Cooke grew up in many rural Jamaican communities, the son of an Anglican (Episcopalian) minister. He heard many stories at annual missionary meetings  of Jamaican missionaries to Nigeria. In later years he became aware of those from other denominations who also served, not only in Africa but in  other countries and on other continents. While a student at Jamaica Bible College, in the 1960s he became aware of some of these other stories.
   Lloyd followed in the missionary path himself, and became a missionary with the first Indigenous non-denominational Jamaican missions agency,  to Dominica in the eastern Caribbean. He was invited back to take over leadership at the International Missionary Fellowship’s Missionary Training Center in helping to prepare Caribbean nationals for cross-cultural service. 
        After a couple decades in the US, where he pursued further studies in his field and promoted Caribbean missions, Lloyd returned to Jamaica. In furtherance of his life-long interest Lloyd joined the faculty of his Alma Mater, where he continues to foster and train Jamaicans for missionary work. All this led to his first major research which resulted in his 2013 book The Story of Jamaican Missions. In that work he chronicled the service of the Jamaican former slaves and their descendants who took the gospel back to their African homelands, then on to other countries in the Caribbean and worldwide.

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