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Biblical Inerrancy and Discrepancies by The Author, Mark Rao; The Translator, John Y. Hung

Biblical Inerrancy and Discrepancies

Abridged Edition

by The Author, Mark Rao; The Translator, John Y. Hung

Pages: 190

Dimensions: 6.69 x 9.61

  • BIBLES - New International Version - General
  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545610664

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Speaking of biblical inerrancy, we will discover that it contains a few puzzling discrepancies: For example, the Old Testament mentions about the number of priests among the Israelite returnees, 1 Chronicles 9:13 records 1,760, but Nehemiah 11:12-14 (sum of three numbers) shows only 1,192. In the period when the country broke up into two kingdoms, cross-referencing the years of the reigns of northern and southern kings shows some discrepancies. Sporadically, the same event recorded by the four Gospels in the New Testament with parallel scriptures comparison also shows non-uniformity.
As Bible is God-breathed (inspired of God), so it is inerrant. Why then minor discrepancies make their appearance? As various kinds of commentaries continue to appear, everyone hope to resolve this type of problem, to relieve puzzlement in the heart, but multiple solutions appear instead (it can be seen that there are forced resolution.) How should the Christians who defend the biblical inerrancy confront these quandaries? This book can solve all of this type of problems once for all, to make our faith more firm.

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Born in Peking (Beijing), China, John spent his childhood in southern Chinese cities, and his adolescent years in Taiwan. He has lived abroad since 1956, where he finished high school education, received college and graduate school degrees, taught in colleges and college preparatory schools, and worked in private and public sectors. He is a fifth generation Christian, currently worshiping and serving in a Chinese church in the United States. He is a retired engineer and has been a freelance translator since 1980.

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