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TREASURES In The Trash by Kristy McMorlan


Revisiting our childhood environments to gain freedom and victory.

by Kristy McMorlan

Pages: 360

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • SELF-HELP - Abuse
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Anger (see also SELF-HELP - Self-Management - Anger Management)

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545610930

Price : $19.49

“Oftentimes people unintentionally become who they think they are, through the mistreatment of others.”
“Treasures in the Trash” is the true story of the author who struggled with church leadership’s destructively cruel administration; their actions activated traumatic flashbacks to the author’s childhood. Her experience resulted in unearthing a correlation between abusive parents and detrimental people within the Church. It was in rediscovering the forgotten memories of her early life she began to observe the unhealthy toxic similarities between her former church and childhood. 
Growing up with alcoholic parents, a detached and distant father and an unstable mentally ill mother, the author overcame a childhood of neglect and harm only to re-experience it within her church family. Church hurts are equally devastating to people as childhood wounds are.
She was seeking Biblical-based resolutions to the hardships which developed within her church; however instead of restoration, she was repeatedly told to forget the recurrent unkindness. Similar to her father’s guidance, she was never to speak of the wounds inflicted by self-centered people.     
Without a solid demonstration in Forgiveness and Grace, healing was elusive and she began to question: 
• Do I have to forgive all the people who hurt me, but never acknowledged their actions? 
• How do I forgive those that profess the same Christian faith, however seemingly don’t practice it? 
• What does being a Christ Follower to unkind, un-trustworthy, critical people resemble?   
Join the author as she discovers: lies, secrets, scandals, and truth! How she became a survivor and is no longer a victim of abuse. Why she believes revisiting our childhood environments can remove the unwanted trash mistreatment frequently leaves behind, undermining our self-concept. We can gain freedom and victory, with liberating Godly treasure! Read Kristy’s story of redemption, as she shares her triumphant journey of healing.

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