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One Family Under God

by Rob Faw

Pages: 266

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • REFERENCE - Genealogy & Heraldry
  • HISTORY - Ancient - General
  • RELIGION - Christian Theology - History

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545613467

Price : $17.49

Encouraged by his own family's research of their ancestry, Rob Faw studied ancient, medieval, and modern-day records of history and discovered a 144-generation connection with Adam, Eve, and God that affects all of humanity. Rob utilizes the philosophy of pragmatism, along with compelling evidence and reasoning to deliver an authoritative cultural, scientific, and religious study that shows a lineage that begins from Adam and moves onward to Queen Elizabeth II. 

“Want to know how God has connected all of us to Adam and one another? Then you must read The Adam Connection by Rob Faw. One of the most fascinating, compelling, and jaw dropping books making history come alive for me that I have or will ever read!”
Dr. Larry Keefauver, Bestselling Author of Over 60 Books
“The Adam Connection seeks to discover human interconnectedness, but also ends up illuminating human origins. With his careful research and pragmatic approach, Rob Faw provides persuasive evidence for the theory of common descent, and it’s not the ancestor most people think.”
Jeffrey Ford, Director, CS Lewis Society
“The Adam Connection affirms the biblical narrative of creation, fall and redemption. Rob’s study of our ancient heritage confirms the existence of a real Adam and Eve and their connection to all of humanity. This historical truth can no longer be dismissed as a religious myth.”
Dr. Gary Chiang, Author of Rescuing Science from Preconceived Beliefs
Rob Faw, MS, is a Board Certified Master Christian Life coach, author, and entrepreneur with executive leadership experience in over 50 countries. He is an Arthur C. Custance Centre for Science and Christianity Research Fellow.

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