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Marco Martinez Part 2 of 3 by Allan R. Mentze

Marco Martinez Part 2 of 3

The best Bounty Hunter this side of the Rockies. EST 1867

by Allan R. Mentze

Pages: 176

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FICTION - Historical - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545614099

Price : $14.99


1867. A time has passed sine the conclusion of the American Civil War, yet all the confusion and bitterness still remains throughout the country. To the east, the government is torn to shambles, while the Industrial Revolution is in its infancy under the rule of a misguided administration. On the other side of the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains  is an uncharted land where there is only a few towns separated by a vast and endless landscape where tribes beforehand have come to respect its dexterity. Amidst all this, one town in particular is being formed on a foundation by those who have migrated Westward in the hopes of rebuilding their lives in a seemingly still and desolate land, with the desire to one day achieve the American dream for what remains of it. With outlaws poised at challenging the shallow laws put up by the sheriffs of these small towns, they employ the help of those who can go the distance, and to bring justice for all. Realizing this, a man steps out from the ashes of the Civil War, turned bounty hunter; Marco Martinez, a man in search of his share of the legendary American dream, and one that has set out to find what his purpose is in life after the conclusion of the once devastating conflict. With that, the dawn of a legacy is about to begin as peace and tranquility will be pushed aside for bustling activity, and soon centuries of tamed, and unchallenged silence is about to come to an end as the desert will witness to it like never before...

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