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IN PURSUIT OF PURPOSE by Denise Bristol-Gordon


Lessons Learned While Mother Was Away

by Denise Bristol-Gordon

Pages: 192

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Parenting - Motherhood
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Death, Grief, Bereavement

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545617625

Price : $14.99


As she stared into the coffin, she leaned down and whispered to her mother to wake up. Denise Bristol-Gordon was just a young child when her mother passed away and had to bottle up her grief internally, as only a child trying to understand death can do. Fifty years from that date, Denise still finds the day hard to endure, especially considering that her mother's funeral was on Christmas Day. However, the year of 2016 marked a change of heart and change of approach for Denise toward her grieving process. She wanted to remember her mother for the love and wisdom she shared, so Denise wrote a heartfelt tribute to her late mother on social media. Countless responses from her tribute post led Denise to learn treasured memories of her mother from others and to reconnect with family, which inspired the writing of her new book, In Pursuit of Purpose. In her book, Denise recalls her strongest need for her mother when she suffered a miscarriage of her first child and missed the comfort a mother could bring to such a devastating situation. Now a mother of three, Denise believes that situation was the opportunity for God to step in and remind her of His love and healing for her times of need. The biblical lessons of her mother are also presented in the book, revealing what Denise learned of guidance for life within the scriptural truths of Hannah, Job, the unnamed woman with the issue of blood and more. Lastly, Denise's memories of her mother aren't the only thoughts shared, as several of her beloved family members write about the ways her mother touched and encouraged their lives in her brief time on Earth. Fifty years of struggles with grief produced a blessing from God to Denise with In Pursuit of Purpose, a meaningful reflection on a woman who impacted many. 

Author Photo

Denise Bristol-Gordon is an author and the founder of Parent Empowerment Services, Inc., an organization dedicated to empowering parents by giving them the tools, training, and resources that are essential to championing their children’s success. A gifted inspirational and motivational speaker, family advocate, workshop facilitator, and community leader, she served as the Executive Vice President of the United Parents Association (UPA) of New York City, and as a Family Advocate at the New York City Department of Education. She is the mother of three extraordinary individuals whose potential for academic excellence was nurtured then developed within the New York City School System. Her organization is based in New York City.

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