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The Jesus Gospel by Gary Scarano

The Jesus Gospel

A Word-for-Word Blended Harmony of the Gospels

by Gary Scarano

Pages: 340

Dimensions: 7 x 10

  • BIBLES - Christian Standard Bible - General
  • HISTORY - Jewish
  • RELIGION - Christian Education - Adult

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545620441

Price : $24.99

Type : Hardcover

ISBN : 9781545620434

Price : $35.99

The Jesus Gospel© is the first word-for-word blended chronology of the Gospels intertwined into a continuous flowing text. It allows readers to experience a single comprehensive record of Jesus Christ’s life, without having to read each Gospel and trying to understand which events occurred in what order. Nothing has been changed or eliminated from the original text. It is a "must have" study guide for anyone researching the Gospels.
The book contains almost 600 informative footnotes and 226 interesting and challenging Q&A's. Learn things like: How long did Jesus Walk on the Water; Which disciple was missing when Jesus first appeared to them; How many people were crucified with Christ? What two things did God do BEFORE the creation? And many, many other topics.
The Jesus Gospel© is an excellent gift idea for friends and family for Christmas, Easter, Baptisms, and other occasions. It is for beginners, seasoned readers, and a great resource for plays or movies. It is also an excellent study reference.
The author spent the 33 years placing every-single-word in order and blending them together in a single cohesive story.
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Author Photo

Gary Scarano has been an active Christian for decades, teaching adult Sunday school, and home Bible studies. He was the founder of the TV show broadcasted to over 3.4 million households in the NYC area. This show highlighted what Christians were doing OUTside of Church. Gary was also a staff reporter for the largest Christian Newspaper in the New York, The Love Express. In 2001 he and one other person planted In Christ Missions church in the Philippines that is still active today.
Gary has his MBA from Columbia University and is retired from Verizon. A project he lead was featured twice by CNN and once by the NY Times; and works for Fidelity Dealer Services.  
You can contact Gary at:   

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