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Feed My Spirit the Truth by Bishop Evangelist Carl J. Mimms III

Feed My Spirit the Truth

by Bishop Evangelist Carl J. Mimms III

Pages: 90

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545621844

Price : $11.49


Is truth dead or still alive? The mindset toward truth, especially the truths found within God’s Word, has changed dramatically over the last century; and, unfortunately, has encouraged a drift from biblical principles. 
Pastor and author Carl Mimms has witnessed firsthand the rejection of God’s Word to accept truths that rely on people’s abilities and chance. It saddens him to see a once Christian nation, as America used to be, succumbing to the demands of political correctness and liberal notions. 
With this in mind, he presents readers with his new, nonfiction book, Feed My Spirit The Truth, to demonstrate how unchanging, lasting and undeniable God’s truths in the Bible is against supposed truths in the world today. 
Carl centers many of his insights on what he has experienced of people’s questions, and sometimes rejections, toward truths found in the Bible. Truth, he conveys in the book’s second chapter, is necessary because it not only shows where your eternal destination after death will be, but it also reveals one’s purpose and provides solid knowledge to hold onto when all other “truths” fail.
He also introduces the belief that Satan’s hatred of the Word of God has caused him to use malicious, though baseless, tactics to confuse people into thinking they don’t need the blood of Jesus to be freed from sin. This leads, as Carl states, to bondage to sin that may not be removed until it is too late.
The only hope lies in the truth that Jesus can save a person and be his/her guiding force to combat Satan and his deceptions. The truth is that God created us all with a purpose in His plan; the purpose being to share with others about whom Jesus is to us before He makes His final return to earth.

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