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THE HOLY SPIRIT AND REVIVAL Best for all Christians that love God's presence by PINNEY FRANCIS MUTHEE Ph D.

THE HOLY SPIRIT AND REVIVAL Best for all Christians that love God's presence



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ISBN : 9781545625170

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The two visions below will open your eyes to see what God is doing in our time.
Recently, I saw a vision where a saved lady called saying; There are more than five thousand people waiting for you to preach to them at the Hilton Hotel. I went and reaching Nairobi City Stadium, saw very glorious glittering light from the top of that tall hotel building (Hilton) and illuminating the whole world with God’s glory. I could see inscriptions around Hilton Hotel reading “LIFELINE OF CHURCHES’. Going inside the hotel, all floors were full of people to the top. At the top, I heard the Lord telling me to go one floor down. There, I stood before a small pulpit and asked the Lord; What am I speaking about? He said, Preach on the Gospel to save my Gospel from continued pollution in this City. That was therefore the subject of my preaching in the text from 1Corinthians 15:1-4
I had an earlier vision where I saw myself standing at a bus stage at Kamurugu in Kenya. Then saw a lame person in a wheel chair ahead of me. As our eyes met, the man rose from the wheel chair and stood on his feet attracting massive crowds from all directions. Lifting up my hand upon the people, they fell down praying under God’s power. Very many received Jesus as Lord and Savior. I then found myself in Atlanta Georgia where similar miracles were done and thousands received Christ as Lord and Savior. People were too many that I could hardly see the end of the crowd. I then saw myself at Los Angeles where great miracles were witnessed by a great crowd comprising of ordinary men and women, people in authority, senators and all classes of people. Great numbers came to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Get prepared. The time is now. Revival is here! Arise and Shine for your light has come. God is pouring out his Glory upon the nations. You will see it. You will marvel. We are awaiting good times if we are prepared for this great and powerful move of God! Amen. 

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