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Being Human by Nathaniel Anthony D.Min

Being Human

The Human Side of Being a Christian From a Biblical Viewpoint

by Nathaniel Anthony D.Min

Pages: 170

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - Christian Ministry - Counseling & Recovery
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Conflict Resolution

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545626238

Price : $15.49

This manuscript is a work of biblical studies that uses  common narratives and teachings from the bible to show that the trials and relationship dynamics that biblical figures faced are the same challenges that we face emotionally and relationally today as Christians and humans.
Dr. Anthony has structured his book around a beautiful sentiment, and one that is extremely helpful in biblical counseling: we are all human, and we all face the same trials and struggles emotionally and in relationship with one another. This helps bridge the gap between biblical text and readers’ modern experiences of life, showing how we can learn more about ourselves as humans and give one another grace practically through studying the word. 
Dr. Anthony has organized his book skillfully, taking the reader through the  natural progression of  the biblical text with each story, beginning with the Garden of Eden in Genesis and working his way progressively through the rest of the Old Testament and into the New Testament in the remaining chapters. This organization will be extremely helpful for readers, as it will come in a familiar order. Xulon Press

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About the Author:
Nathaniel Anthony is the pastor of the Sonset Christian fellowship Church located in Baltimore, Maryland. His parents, James and Annie Anthony taught him the value of trusting and believing in the power and providence of God. Born in Sumter, South Carolina, growing up in church, Nathaniel knows that God is a keeper and a way maker, so when God called him into the ministry, he did not hesitate to do what he was called to do. He has been preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ for twenty- five years and has been a pastor for twelve. He is married to his wife, leading lady Lena Anthony. They have five children. He has a master of divinity in clinical pastoral counseling and is licensed by the National Christian Counselors Association. He is a certified temperament counselor by the NCCA and has a doctoral degree in ministry. Nathaniel has a love for the people of God, and he enjoys teaching and seeing them grow spiritually in the Lord as a result of applying the word of God to their lives. His desire is for all who read this book, is for them to do a self- examination and understand that we all have shortcomings, and we all get it wrong from time to time, However, God can deal with our short comings and still use us in a mighty way, so be encouraged, beloved, because we are all human.

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