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Up Your Management by Dick Mitchell

Up Your Management

by Dick Mitchell

Pages: 204

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS - Management

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545632161

Price : $15.49

Managers should train, mentor, motivate, and treat their employees with respect. Managers are similar to shepherds. They should define destinations and manage their employees’ pathways to success. Attaining awareness of employee skills, passions, needs, and personal goals are part of the responsibilities of any leader.
As you read this book, question your own leadership skills and style. What techniques should you maintain and what should you change. Test these changes and frequently measure the results. 
There are many pitfalls encountered while climbing the management ladder. Some road blocks come from the top and some from below. Constantly be aware of your business environment. The best method of learning is experience. We learn a lot from our mistakes. I hope that you can learn from mine.
-Dick Mitchell
“Dick Mitchell possesses the unique triad of proven success – Knowledge, Experience, and Wisdom. Throughout the course of his career, Dick consistently led his newspaper staffs to establish and achieve goals far beyond corporate expectations. Dick’s quick with, intellect, and appropriate use of humor inspired his employees to consistently achieve their personal best. The hallmark of his leadership style was building trust and teamwork among his employees.”
-Judy Robinette Brooten, Director of Classified, National, and Cooperative Advertising, The New York Times Regional Newspaper Group
 If there is one thing about Dick Mitchell that should a reader should know quickly to make a decision to read or not read his book, it is this: he has written about what he excelled in, not just what he was trained for. 
Most of the world measures success by professional accomplishments or financial gains. Dick has realized both of those in one way or another. But to my mind, the substantive accolade of his life is harder to see. It is the trail of improved professional and personal lives he has left in his wake. 
Norm Thabit, Author, of the fantasy novel, Sticks & Stones

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