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Birthplace of Addiction by David C. Foss and Crystal J. Eack

Birthplace of Addiction

by David C. Foss and Crystal J. Eack

Pages: 280

Dimensions: 6.14 x 9.21

  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Abuse - Child Abuse
  • EDUCATION - Violence & Harassment
  • BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - Healing - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545633946

Price : $16.99

Do you want to understand drug addiction and alcoholism? Do you know someone addicted to or abusing street or prescription drugs or alcohol? Have you wished you knew how to help them? If your answer is YES to any of these questions, then Birthplace of Addiction is for you! 
David Foss, a functioning alcoholic and drug abuser for twenty-five years, records his journey to sobriety in his book. He arrived at Hope by the Sea a broken man with only hopelessness in view. Mr. Foss uses actual Work Product Letters to describe his raw emotions. They reveal his feelings when recovering his suppressed memories of  verbal and physical abuse suffered from his teacher in second and third grade. Readers receive an in-depth look at a dual diagnosis recovery center as it treats underlying mental health and addiction issues of clients. They will hear, see and feel an addict’s experiences in treatment.
David writes insightful vignettes with passion and humor, as he incorporates interactive narratives of encounters with clients and staff. You will have an entirely new and different view of addiction and treatment after reading this book. 
David provides answers and hope for a healthy future for addicts. He gives insights into an addict’s motives and thinking.  
This book is the product of David’s desire to serve Christ and to share hope, inspiration and fellowship he received at Hope by the Sea, California and Celebrate Recovery, Menominee, Michigan.

Author Photo

David Charles Foss, 44, born and raised in rural Minnesota, lived most of his adult life in the Twin Cities in MN. He has two children, Chelsey and David. His career includes: fast food management; salesman; COO; Director of Sales and Marketing; Business Development Strategist; Consultant; and Author. Through rehabilitating therapy and faith in Christ, David overcame his addictions and found peace.

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