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Life on Purpose: Even After The Storm by Shon Dansby

Life on Purpose: Even After The Storm

by Shon Dansby

Pages: 64

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • SELF-HELP - Abuse
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Abuse - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545636404

Price : $9.99

God has provided insight to share my story, my family's story as a way to shed light on the see no evil, hear no evil mentality in homes. He has offered me a way to heal, stitch up the wounds, and provide hope, love, a will to live, a sense of belonging, and new found purpose to those that feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The hurt, betrayal, and despair felt by many in relatable situations such as the one written about here, can bring what seems to be taboo to the forefront and talked about as openly as possible to hopefully save lives. It shows how God can not only provide strength to those when needed, but give you the power to keep moving through the storm and find glory in His purpose for your life. We must never lean to our own understanding, but lean forever more on the Christ who's saved our lives to provide a means to saving someone else. Our lives were never meant to be our own and our experiences were never meant to be silent. We must open our mouths, share these testimonies, allow God to stitch us up, and lead others to salvation. Freedom is ours, and those we touch can have that too. My prayer is that you allow God to make you whole, usher in His love, and share with others to give God the Glory. Find your STRENGTH, find your POWER, find your HELP, and find GOD!

Shon Dansby personally knows about pain and suffering at the hands of domestic abuse. Losing loved ones in a horrific way launched her into a whirlwind for the next few years of her young life. This is her first book, but she is already working on her next project, the continuation to Life On Purpose, Even After The Storm. Shon lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her two beautiful daughters, who have inspired her to write and be a bright light in the darknes

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