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The Adventures of Dilly and Pop by Author and illustrators: Dillan Masci and Maggie Masci

The Adventures of Dilly and Pop

The Leaky Ceiling

by Author and illustrators: Dillan Masci and Maggie Masci

Pages: 30

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11

  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Extended Family

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545641804

Price : $14.99

Type : Hardcover

ISBN : 9781545641811

Price : $26.99

The first of the series The Adventures of Dilly and Pop is The Leaky Ceiling. Young Dilly always looks forward to spending his summers at his grandpa

Author Photo

Dillan Masci is a twelve year old, young man who showed artistic abilities at a very young age, one of which turned out to be story writing, and illustration. An accomplished sketch artist, Dillan is home-schooled by his mother and grandmother, and as the reader of his books can conclude, his family life is very supportive and adventurous. Dillan’s outgoing personality is mature, yet comedic, and he describes himself as an “old soul”. He started writing the Adventures of Dilly and Pop, wanting to show adventure, and include a positive message for young readers. Being so close with his grandparents, he wanted to show that a relationship with a grandparent can be really cool and filled with memories and adventures.
Dillan has been raised by his mom, Michelle; a single mother of powerful inner strength, focused on the raising of her two sons in a God-filled home, always teaching, supporting and encouraging her boys to love who they are, and never give up on their God-given talents and abilities. She is an entrepreneur, and is the head of the management team for the handling of The Adventures of Dilly and Pop book series.
Dillan and his grandmother, Maggie Masci have an unusual relationship; not just grandmother and grandson, but writing and drawing partners. Maggie is an accomplished oil painter and published author of the novel Longing for Wickhaven, and an inspirational book called I’m Just Sayin’. She is quite content considering herself in the employ of Dillan; the “polisher” of the stories and illustrations. What are grandmas for?
As a family, they love their ongoing charity work. Dillan’s favorite is Blessings in a Backpack, which the Masci family has headed up for the past four years. They have been feeding the children of needy families, every weekend, in their own community. 
The Adventures of Dilly and Pop and The Leaky Ceiling will soon be followed with a second book titled The Adventures of Dilly and Pop and The Troublesome Piglets. 

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