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"But God" by Eldred L. Kelley

"But God"

Discovering God in Every Crisis

by Eldred L. Kelley

Pages: 228

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5


Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545660898

Price : $15.99

Type : Hardcover

ISBN : 9781545660904

Price : $25.99

Everyone faces discouragement. Even Christians face discouragement in their walk with God. When suffering from tragedy or going through hard times in life, faith can be shaken. This discouragement in faith can lead many Christians to fall short of spiritual greatness. Many struggle with these issues often. 
In “But God”: Discovering God in Every Crisis, author Dr. Eldred Kelley shares his personal experience regarding discouragement in faith. He explains how knowing God through Jesus allows him to live above the discouragement and to grow closer to the Lord.
After discovering the phrase “But God” being used in the Bible nearly fifty times, Dr. Kelley sought to expand on the idea of living in the joy of “But God.” This means giving control to God, so He is in control of every detail of your life. In both the face of deadly disease and betrayal, God taught Dr. Kelley that Godly joy can be a daily reality. God encouraged Dr. Kelley through the betrayal, and He healed him from a deadly disease. 
Learn how you too can discover how to find joy in the “But God” moments. The moments when you question. The moments when you doubt. Dr. Kelley shares his experiences so that you may find the happiness of giving your life to God by thanking God for both the amazing events and difficult moments of life. 
The measurement of a person’s religion usually comes down to what it does with suffering. In the dark night of the soul, when God is not only silent but, sometimes culpable for our suffering, many people lose faith. Oddly enough, that’s where Eldred found it. We should listen to him. In this collection of tales (all true) from Eldred’s life is a God you almost never hear of today: a vulnerable God who is intimately involved in every detail of our lives. Here is a Jesus who, not only calms the storm, but walks out into it and meets you there. Eldred is one who has been with Jesus many times, in the storm, and what he has learned of Him he has written here. I know you’ll enjoy this book - I did - and I know it will be good for your soul. 
Dr. Steve DeNeff, Senior Pastor
College Wesleyan Church
Marion, Indiana

Author Photo

Dr. Kelley holds degrees from Spring Arbor University, Asbury Theological Seminary, and Wesley Biblical Seminary. He is married to Luanne (Vanderkarr) Kelley.

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