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The Super Sisters Adventures by Jeff "Coach" Zirkle

The Super Sisters Adventures

by Jeff "Coach" Zirkle

Pages: 542

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FICTION - Christian - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545665244

Price : $27.99

Life is about stories—yours, others, and God! The Super Sisters Adventures are a collection of God-inspired and imaginative stories of faith and adventure in real life settings, created by Papaw for his granddaughters and youth—even parents and grandparents. Meet Josh and Abbey Harrison and their daughters, Jubilee and Lillie. These ordinary girls use their God given imagination, faith and spiritual gifts and become known as Super J and Super L—The Super Sisters. 
Have fun traveling to different continents, encountering animals great and small, hiking trails in forests and woods, canoeing in rivers with rapids, fishing, camping, and gardening.  Imagine eating great food, building campfires, family celebrations and gaining the wisdom of God and grandparents. The Super Sisters will take on mafia traffickers, thieves, bullies in school, kidnappers in Venezuela, and shooters in church. The sisters deal with moving, changing schools, car accidents, injuries, and surgeries, competing in sports and drama teams, vandalism, demonic forces, rape, and sexual harassment. Real life—right? 
Connect with these ordinary superheroines as they make key faith decisions, demonstrate courage, and use spiritual gifts in action amid real circumstances in life. Be inspired by their prayers, daily witness, loving enemies of Christian faith and overcoming challenges on mission fields at home and abroad. 
Papaw, Jeff “Coach” Zirkle invites you to be bold in using the imagination, gifts, and dreams of God to fulfill your God-imagined dreams. May you believe and follow Jesus, humbly embrace all kinds of people, and share the Good News, love, biblical truth and hope of Jesus wherever God plants you in life.  Take the dare! Start telling your stories, God’s stories and go live as God imagines you!

Author Photo

Jeff “Coach” Zirkle is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. He helps people to live through the imagination, dreams, and Word of God. An evangelical pastor for 43 years in the United Methodist Church, his retirement adventure is being a life coach, author, and prayer specialist. Pam and Jeff celebrate 44 years of marriage and enjoy the adventures of two grown children, their spouses and two imaginative granddaughters. The Super Sisters Adventures is his second published work. God Imagined Adventures: Devotional Stories was published early in 2019.

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