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The Battle Hymn of the Eucharist by Jacob C. Tony, MD, MRCP (UK), MRCPI

The Battle Hymn of the Eucharist

by Jacob C. Tony, MD, MRCP (UK), MRCPI

Pages: 434

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Warfare
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545666173

Price : $22.99

The battle for our souls is brewing. There is a church and an antichurch, the gospel and the anti-gospel, Christ and the antichrist in this final battle for our souls. We are all knowingly or unknowingly falling into these rival camps. Family, fatherhood, motherhood, childhood, and everything that is precious is under diabolical attack. The “terrible swift sword” of Christ has come to separate the grain from the chaff. It will not be easy anymore. The “dictatorship of moral relativism” is trying to choke the remaining vestige of the Judeo-Christian civilization depicted in the Decalogue. This postmodern century is shaped by iconoclasm of unprecedented proportions. The iconoclasts have targeted faith, morals, family and hierarchy. We have become “tasteless, odorless, colorless and shapeless,” in this chaotic cyber-infirmary. We are sleep walking in a virtual world that provides us with “bread and circuses,” while our most precious souls are drifting into eternal perdition. If truth is not absolute, then it ceases to be truth. The postmodern world is creating a “cult of man,” whereby man becomes the measure of all things. We have lost the sense of transcendence, and hence are on a warpath with God to create a utopian heaven on earth. We have forgotten what the last century has taught us. The communists wanted to create a utopian world, but their dreams turned into a nightmare when their utopian heaven turned into a dystopian hell. We are now trying to create an alternate universe without any moral compass, and our “egalitarian” technocrats are hoping to replace our souls with computer chips. Confusion is rampant, drug addiction and divorce are skyrocketing, and the millennials are drifting into depression while the “wise men” are progressively immersing themselves in the cyber netherworld. The day of reckoning has come, and we must wake up.

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