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A Leprechaun's Touch by Dorothy A. Smith

A Leprechaun's Touch

Legendary Fancy

by Dorothy A. Smith

Pages: 78

Dimensions: 6.69 x 9.61

  • RELIGION - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545666678

Price : $19.49

Type : Hardcover

ISBN : 9781545666685

Price : $30.99

This book contains four stories about a Leprechaun encounter. Each story has a different young main character, a different specific Leprechaun and dilemma, which the Leprechaun has an influence in solving. Each story has a tinge of fact and a ton of fiction and is surprisingly believable. Yes, they are so believable that the reader will be left with one question, “Is this a true story?” 
Suggested reading level 12 years and up.

About the Author
Dorothy A. Smith, the author of “A Leprechaun’s Touch” is an accomplished writer of five other books: a Potpouri of poetry, “Fragile Prisms,” and four other children’s books: “It Never Happened,” You Just Might Believe It”,”The McDare Secret,” and “Katie and Mr. Pickles,”  all available on Amazon. She is a retired teacher, a mother of five, grandmother of thirteen and great grandmother of eleven. She loves this group of twenty-nine and includes some of them by name in her stories. She has been to Ireland twice and has read numerous books about Ireland. Her DNA revealed that she is 96.5% Irish decent, a first generation American Irish citizen of the greatest country in the world, America.
About the Artists
Patrick Boarini is a gifted artist, soon to be a senior in college, majoring in Graphic Art. He has high hopes of working in the field of Art and has interest in its many facets and applications. His work is quite interesting.
Rachel Bogacz is an 8th grader motivated to sketch people and portraits and she is good at it. She loves the growing field of Graphic Design and will look into it when she is older. Madyson Fitzpatrick is a “Quick Draw” young artist in 8th grade. She loves being motivated in art and while she doesn’t know if art figures in her future, she plans on learning all she can in that field. She is already learning Graphic Art.

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