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The Longest Foot by Yvonne Hilton Bourgeois

The Longest Foot

Navigating Grief

by Yvonne Hilton Bourgeois

Pages: 110

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - General
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Death, Grief, Bereavement

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545667774

Price : $13.49

We know that everyone will eventually die. We know that from the day that we are born we are traveling towards our death. We know this in our head. But just about twelve inches below our brain our hearts protest what our brain tells us. When we experience the death of someone we care about those twelve inches seem like miles instead of inches. The author experienced the death and burial of her youngest child just nine days shy of his thirty-seventh birthday.
What she knew in her head, her brain, did nothing to ease the pain in her heart. Time became her friend in ways that she did not anticipate. She became more dependent on God and His word as traveling companions.
She takes us on her very personal journey through this terrain of heart wrenching grief and supernatural joy. The messages in the Word are a lot more personal than before. When you begin to pray for yourself your perspective on life changes. She needed God for herself and He was so faithful to show up time and time again. He forgave her rants and raised fists to envelope her in his arms.
Death is not the end, but the beginning. Death is not a punishment but it is your Bonus Check. You did your job and now you get to go where we are all trying to get.

Author Photo

Yvonne Hilton Bourgeois is a lifelong resident of Louisiana. She and her husband of forty-five years live in Prairieville. They have three children, two living on earth and one with Jesus. They have eight grandchildren and two wonderful daughters-in-law and one son-in-law. Her other work is a book entitled Meet Me in the Trunk.

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