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Urgent Pre-Rapture Warnings by Charles W. Schaefer, Sr., PhD

Urgent Pre-Rapture Warnings

by Charles W. Schaefer, Sr., PhD

Pages: 168

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ISBN : 9781545668344

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Two “End-times” 
The standards of judgment demanded by God for our deliverance are of a highly moral and spiritual nature, whether we face our own personal end-time, namely, death, or the collective end-time of the church, “the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ”—I Thessalonians 5:23.  Those standards of judgment deserve more careful focus and deeper understanding than is available in our mute and crippled churches.
Preparing for trials and tribulations that may precede “the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ,” such as by stockpiling food, water and clothing, or by enclosing our homes with embankments of bulldozed earth—all of these have merit, but lack the most crucial ingredient of all, namely, addressing the critical question put to us by the Apostle Peter in connection with the coming of Christ,
What manner of persons ought ye to be (II Peter 3:10-12)?
The Apostle Peter forces us to ask: What good are food, clothing, shelter and other preparations if we have nothing more permanent than these to recommend ourselves spiritually and morally to Christ at His appearing—whether at the end of our life or the end of time for the church?
It is to that somber question put to the church of the living God (II Peter 3:10-12) that this book is devoted. 
In this volume, the author expounds ten of the most desperately urgent warnings needed to deliver the worldwide church from delusion as we draw nearer to the “blessed hope,” whether our own end of life or “our gathering together unto Him” (II Thessalonians 2:1).

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