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THE ROCK WON'T MOVE by Wm. Hank Perry



by Wm. Hank Perry

Pages: 322

Dimensions: 5.25 x 8

  • FICTION - Christian - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545669457

Price : $18.99

The magnificent “large stone-like object, pure white and without blemish” that provided Jack and Hitch with such unimaginable chills and thrills was gone now – departing the same way it arrived – without warning and of its own accord. The highly anticipated lecture on the campus of Hillary University was a monstrous success and, once again, propelled Hitch into the national limelight. For a brief moment, it almost seemed as though life just might return to normal. 
That sentiment may have held true for most people, but normalcy could not be further from the truth with Hitch.For some strange reason, he found himself battling the unexplainable, irrepressible, irksome desire to do that which did not come naturally to him. . . being nice. Hitch was certainly capable of kindness and generosity given the right circumstances, but this new paradigm shift was out of control.
The University’s fall classes were over and Hitch was bound and determined not to go through a spring semester tormented by “unwarranted” goodwill. Desperate for a resolution, and with the winter (Christmas) break just a few short weeks long, the iconic professor would find himself contemplating the most curious ideas.
Can a book write itself? Do miracles happen? Is there power in a cross?

Born and raised in Wheaton, Maryland, Hank was the second of four children to Bob and Jane Perry. His early years were filled with joyful chaos. His mom would succumb to cancer in 1970 and life simply became chaos. He bounced back in 1991 and married the girl of his dreams. Incredibly, they produced two of the finest young men on the planet today. Hank accepted Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior in his 39th year and was immediately “born again”. Proving it is never too late to make a good decision. He now lives in Colorado where he can ski to his heart’s content.

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