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Lose to Win by Dr. George A. Ashford, Jr.

Lose to Win

...a journey of risking it all to gain it all

by Dr. George A. Ashford, Jr.

Pages: 102

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - Christian Church - Growth
  • SELF-HELP - Personal Growth - Happiness

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545669648

Price : $11.49

Make Defeat Your fuel
Do you want to be an Overcomer?
Do you rise in the midst of Adversity?
Do you want to Win?
This book will empower you to understand how to win in the midst of losing. It will be a risky book for you to read if you really want to win. But, if you really want to overcome your losing mindset, READ ON!
Inside includes special equipping insights for Church Leaders, Lay Leaders, Ministers, and Everyday People!
‘Lose 2 Win’ charts the journey of one man’s losses: thru
illness; opposition; disappointments…you get the picture. But through it all, George Ashford experiences the marvelous ‘win(s)’ of God’s redemptive plan: healing; overcoming; and the deep satisfaction of God’s presence. And his journey is not over. Those who walk the journey of faith, will recognize a kindred spirit; and join him on the journey.
Dr. Jim Griffith,
Griffith Coaching
“Lose to Win” tells the story of a few dedicated believers who ventured out to start a new church called “Journey”. Dr. George Ashford, the Lead Pastor, guides the reader through the ups and downs, the trials and triumphs in the process of giving birth, nurturing, and growing a vital congregation. It is a must read for every new church start.
Dr. Walter L. Kimbrough, Pastor
Cliftondale United Methodist Church
College Park, Georgia
"I absolutely support and recommend this book to anyone! It is very helpful in mastering the principles of how to succeed in life, even with obstacles and loss. Dr. Ashford's testimony in itself provokes a "no excuse" mentality, letting one know with God all things are possible."
Brandon Gaines,
Worship and Arts Directors JUMC
I’ve had the privilege to witness the plan, pain and progress Dr. Ashford has experienced in growing the church. His resolve and faith in the face of trials and failure afforded him a winning result in what appeared to be a losing conclusion. He has put this plan to pages to help encourage and rejuvenate those who are willing to risk losing, in order to win and this present age prophet has a model for this kind of bold ministry. Thanks for
the journey!
Rev. Ellis White, Jr.
Edisto Fork United Methodist Church

Author Photo

Dr. George A. Ashford, Jr. is the founding pastor of Journey Church in Columbia, SC. Dr. Ashford shares his testimony with others so that they may continue to persevere through trials they may face knowing God has a purpose for their life. He is a ministry coach and enjoys helping churches grow.

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