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The Story of Verna Louise Williams OVERCOMING by VASHTI ATAYA

The Story of Verna Louise Williams OVERCOMING

"The Trees Shall Clap Their Hands" Book Two


Pages: 252

Dimensions: 6.69 x 9.61

  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Adoption & Fostering
  • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS - Personal Success

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545670651

Price : $20.49

Book Two, “The Trees Shall Clap Their Hands,” takes Verna through the rigors of Nursing School, the ordeals of a single mother on Welfare, and the unbelievable, heartbreaking loss of her girls. Through it all, Verna’s steadfast Christian faith enables her to overcome her obstacles and tribulations to triumphantly graduate as an LPN. Verna’s story is indeed one of deep faith. It is a story of determination, doubt, resolve, happiness, sorrow, pride, and overcoming. It is a human story not yet ended.
“ enjoyable and captivating reading experience...engages the reader...”
- Salem Author Services
“Those Who Wish to Sing Always Find A Song”
Swedish Proverb

Vashti Ataya is thrilled to present Book Two in her Autobiographical Fiction Series of the story of Verna Louise Williams. Book One of the OVERCOMING Series, “Joy Cometh In The Morning,” introduces Verna and her girls as Verna flees an abusive marriage in Arizona to relocate in Florida, be absorbed into the Welfare System, experience abhorrent discrimination as “Welfare Trash,” and cope with an inexplicable, high-risk pregnancy.

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