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Struck Down, But Not Destroyed by Maddison Miller

Struck Down, But Not Destroyed

A Memoir

by Maddison Miller

Pages: 156

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5


Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545672853

Price : $14.49

Betrayal is never something anyone wants to experience,
but it is truly devastating when that betrayal comes at the hands of a parent.
The week of her high school graduation, Maddison experienced this type of
betrayal when her stepmom delivers her notice from her father that she is being
kicked out of the family home. Thrown prematurely into the adult world,
Maddison has to quickly learn how to navigate the responsibilities of her
unwanted independence.
Struck Down, But Not Destroyed is the memoir of a young
woman who has to learn to attack life’s most difficult trials on her own. This
inspirational story shows how Maddison learned to silence the enemy’s rage so
she could hear the soft whispers of God. Through the godly support of her
counselor, Rev. Dr. Reinzi Santiago, Maddison learned to listen to the Holy
Spirit and submit to the Lord, believing that He would make a way for justice
and redemption in her life.
Inspired by the Lord to share her story, Maddison opens
up about what happened during the seven-year struggle. For those who feel lost,
hurt, alone, and misunderstood, Struck Down, But Not Destroyed encourages
readers by showing how Maddison was able to move from the ultimate betrayal to
find the ultimate redemption. Connect with Maddison through this journey to
find hope, healing, joy, and reconciliation in the Father’s hands. 

Author Photo

Maddison Miller is a businesswoman, blogger, world traveler, and mentor.
She has represented Elijah Movement International as an interviewer on
Cornerstone Television and frequently shares her testimonies on Pittsburgh’s
Faith and Family Channel. Through her testimonies, she has inspired men and
women all over the world to find strength, courage, and freedom in God by the
power of the Holy Spirit. 

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