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The Circus and the Magic Mirror by Rev. Troy A. Tankersley

The Circus and the Magic Mirror

by Rev. Troy A. Tankersley

Pages: 50

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FICTION - Coming of Age
  • FICTION - Christian - General
  • FICTION - Religious

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545679463

Price : $10.99

Everyone loves the circus. Everyone loves the lion tamers, the dare-devil stunts, clowns, the acrobatics, and of course the popcorn. This circus was different, though. Christian and his family go to the circus expecting an evening full of fun and excitement but what Christian got was an unexpected lesson in life and the realization that life isn’t always what it seems on the outside. Christian has a close encounter of what could change his life forever and not in the right way. Christian has been given a chance to view into the Magic Mirror, which allows whoever looks into it to become the person they always wanted to be. Does Christian make the right choice?
 We all have choices to make in life. The choices we make and the friends we choose influence who we become and how we see ourselves. Sometimes seemingly small decisions are the ones we should consider more seriously. Join us in this short adventure which, perhaps, may cause you to take more seriously the choices you make each day.

Author Photo

Rev. Troy A. Tankersley has been married to his beautiful wife for eleven years and has a ten-year-old daughter. He and his wife have labored together for several years working with and reaching out to children, youth, and adults for the sake of Christ, knowing there truly is a need in the world today to reach the lost. 
Rev. Tankersley is looking forward to writing more books soon in hopes that his stories will inspire and encourage those who have chosen the Christian path.

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